Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Blues

A couple of Instagram photos from the last few days: (1) watching rowers glide down the Liffey on a rare sunny day, and (2) rocking my new, watermelon pink, skinny jeans.

I'm just back from a lovely few days away in the south of Ireland. The main reason for the trip was to go to the evening party for a wedding, but we ended up having so much unplanned fun once the wedding part was over. On Sunday we ate a lazy brunch of delicious french toast and played scrabble while the rain fell outside and we sat in a cosy beach house. Despite the many, many heavy showers, we braved the outdoors to visit a lighthouse, and explore a beautiful lake where I stroked a (non-poisonous) jellyfish, watched crabs and rock-fish fight over limpets and sucked the sugar from fuchsia flowers. Have you ever done that? it's addictive. Last night we headed back up to Dublin on the train where I got stuck into my next Victorian read - Dracula...scary business. When we got back we even splashed out on an Indian takeaway, but now I find myself with the Tuesday blues. It might be because I have no exciting plans in the immediate future to look forward to, and I'm also a little anxious as I might be moving soon (eep!) I'm curious; what do you do when you have the blues? I'm going to go for a run, chat on the phone with my Mum (she always says the right things), eat some of my favourite food (a big warm bowl of pasta) and watch the Marley documentary. Fingers crossed that does the trick for now! Hope you had a fun weekend.

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