Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Making Lists

I love making lists, especially reading lists. After I finished off The Moonstone yesterday, I noticed that there was a catalogue of other titles by the same publisher (in this case Everyman's Library) at the back of the book. As I mentally ticked off the ones I'd read, it was the perfect opportunity to note down a few titles I'd like to read sometime in the future....

Jane Austen :: Emma
Mikhail Bulgakov :: The Master and Margarita
Miguel de Cervantes :: Don Quixote
Daniel Defoe :: Moll Flanders
Charles Dickens :: Little Dorrit
Henry Fielding :: Tom Jones
E.M. Forster :: Howards End
Thomas Hardy :: Far From the Madding Crowd
Nathaniel Hawthorne :: The Scarlet Letter
Henry James :: The Golden Bowl
D.H. Lawrence :: Women in Love
Leo Tolstoy :: War and Peace
Voltaire :: Candide
Virginia Woolf :: To the Lighthouse

Can you find any of your favourites on my list?
Also an article on the art of list making - are you a list maker?

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