Monday, July 9, 2012

The Last Few Days

Photos taken using Instagram 

Last week I was working at a conference (which I'm excited to talk to you about tomorrow), so I managed to get a real "Friday feeling" by the time 7pm rolled around. It's a bit of a novelty for me, so I celebrated with a glass of red wine, some falafel and The Sopranos. Reading under warm sunny skies in the Iveagh Gardens made for a perfect Saturday afternoon with an iced coffee in hand, and on Sunday more banana bread was whipped up, and a trip to the fusion food market was followed by lazily watching the Wimbledon men's final (did you see it?) and being treated to tapas. By far the most exciting part of my weekend was finding out that I won my first ever giveaway over on Allie's blog. I can't wait to spend a future weekend with my Dickens Bicentenary:)

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