Monday, May 14, 2012

Regatta Monday

Recently I've been daydreaming about rowing regattas. These photos from the Henley Regatta make me think about long lazy summer days, picnics, the sound of lapping water, eating strawberries and wearing dresses, hats and sandals. I love watching professional rowers, they seem to effortlessly glide across the water with their precisely synchronized movements and I find it mesmerizing. That 'effortless' appearance of rowing is all the more impressive when I think about how strenuous it actually is, and how physically fit you need to be to do it properly. As you can see from these photos though, I'm far more preoccupied with the spectator sport at the moment. 

p.s. Butter London make a nail polish called Henley Regatta which glitters like the River Thames on a sunny day

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