Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello Monday

Monday has rolled around again, but at least it's a sunny one. How was your weekend? I flew over to England on Friday night for a quick trip to visit my parents and catch up with some old friends. One of my closest friends and her Australian husband are moving down under next week, so I got the chance to go for a cupcake filled afternoon tea with her and say a sniffly goodbye. Maybe my favourite part of the weekend was arriving on Friday night and snuggling down with my Mum to drink red wine and watch Meryl Streep movies, just the two of us. It's a little ritual of ours that I love so much.

p.s. Do you want to hear a secret? Though they look so pretty, this weekend confirmed that I really don't like cupcakes (sssssh). The frosting is just too much for me to handle - it sounds so mean to be anti-cupcake though, don't you think?!

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