Friday, June 15, 2012


Hope you're ready for the weekend! Tonight I'm off to a wine reception at my faculty (there's karaoke planned afterwards too!!). Hate to complain about the weather again, but it's still raining and shows no sign of stopping, so this weekend I'm going to catch up with a few of my far-away friends over skype. On Sunday I'm going to a screening of this cute film at the cinema, and am planning on making some of these, I think they'd be delicious with ice-cream. Have a lovely weekend, and here are some things I've spotted over the last week...

One very lovely looking elephant

Wouldn't you like to go swimming on this deck?

Stripes to wear at any age

Something to read: Why women have no opinions. What do you think about this article?

I love reading the things Joy has learned

Sitting next to people who eat stinky food on trains, so funny :: do you eat while you commute? Or is it a pet hate?

Three ways to wake up refreshed :: I need some tips, do you have any more?

Life skills :: how to take a compliment

Let's eat some raspberry coconut macaroons

A song I can't stop listening to....

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