Friday, June 8, 2012


This weekend we're forecast monsoons and gales, a month's worth of rain in two days - batten down the hatches! At least I'll have a good excuse to get stuck into some more Victorian reading - I made a start on this book the other day. Tonight I'm off to an exhibition opening, probably wearing wellington boots, and over the weekend I'm definitely going to be making a toast to World Gin Day from the comfort of my living room while feeding my new addiction to Game of Thrones. Hope you've got some exciting plans (and nice weather) in store for the next couple of days. If you're lucky enough to see the sun make sure you squeeze a picnic in.

Don Draper smokes cigarettes and cooks eggs :: I can't believe the last episode of Mad Men is upon us already!

Watch puppies just being puppies on this live puppy cam

The public choice Irish Architecture awards - vote here!

In the mood for a pair of blue & orange loafers

A movie to watch this weekend

Watermelon mojito popsicles to stash in the freezer

Literary fashionistas at the Hay Festival

Wow, have you heard about the new play Gatz? It's an adaptation of The Great Gatsby that includes every word of the book and lasts as long as a transatlantic flight!

Something to read:: an Olympic gold medalist's perfect weekend

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