Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Few Sneaky Tips for Calming Nerves

Tomorrow I have to give a presentation to the staff and postgraduates of my department. Although this isn't my first time public speaking, I'm still feeling jittery. Do you have any tips for calming nerves? Here are a few of my tried and tested methods...

1. Be prepared. If I've practiced what I'll be saying, and have all my papers ready the night before, I immediately feel more in control. Sometimes I even rehearse how I'll introduce myself, or how I'll phrase any little jokes I've planned!

2. Power dress. Tomorrow I'll be wearing my brand new American Apparel black sweater dress with a statement necklace. When all eyes are on you, I think it's important to present yourself well. But avoid anything too fussy, or any jewelry that you're going to fidget with while you speak.

3. Distract yourself. The night before/morning before/hour before. Watch a film, go for a run, grab a coffee with a friend (and make a rule not to talk about your presentation), or read a new book or magazine. There's no point in wasting time worrying.

4. Have a pump-up song. Listen to it whenever the jitters strike. Here's one of my suggestions:

5. Lastly, have a treat planned afterwards: you deserve it! Post-presentation, I'm going for a drink with my girlfriends and then we're going to eat falafel (these leopardy shoes would also be an excellent treat)

Now go and show them what you're made of!

p.s. the no-big-deal theory also applies

Photos: workspace (Sunday in Bed); outfit (Dooney and Bourke); man reading (Salty Denim); leopard shoes (Pinterest)

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