Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Hi!

It's been just about ages, hasn't it? But I'm glad to say I'm back. The thing is I was writing, and when I'm writing even the most basic tasks are beyond me. I struggle to function properly as a person, all I do is eat, sleep and write. Conversation is minimal, laundry piles up, and my running shoes stay hidden in the bottom of my wardrobe. This writing spell was particularly extreme, and though it's now over I'm still recovering. Yesterday I walked face-first into the glass door of a coffee shop (not my finest moment, I even blacked out for a second, eeks). My nose is unbelievably sore today, but it was mainly my pride that got hurt.* One productive thing I did do while I've been away is sign up to Instagram. I've enjoyed snapping my way around Dublin, and have already found lots of inspiring photographers to follow myself. Hope you have a lovely weekend, and it's good to be back.

p.s. watch out for those glass doors

*it's ok to laugh now...

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