Friday, May 25, 2012


How's you weekend shaping up? I'm off to an Irish wedding (my first Irish wedding!) with some of my girlfriends this weekend. It's on the west coast, very close to the beach - hurray! I'm planning on getting a couple of sandy runs in while I'm there, it looks beautiful. Hope the sunshine holds out for us and the four hour bus ride goes quickly, I might download an audio book to pass the time. Have a wonderful weekend.

Did you know that fountain pen sales are soaring right now?

Watch out, 33 animals are extremely disappointed in you

Neil Armstrong talks to some Australian accountants about the moon!

What a breathtaking wall, it must have taken so long to paint

The Queen has a dog named Gryffindor, after Harry Potter!

Some classic wedding guest outfits (as I'm off to a wedding)

Healthy chocolate fudgsciles for summery days

Something to read - a circus owner's perfect weekend

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