Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Feelings




Hope you’ve had a lovely wintery week. I’m enjoying the snow (but not the slippery ice) here in England. This weekend I’m taking my Mum out for surprise birthday manicures and fancy coffee. I’ll also be spending a whole lot of time sitting by the fire, wearing my scarf inside the house, brrrr, and reading my new Dickens book. Have a warm and cosy weekend

How cool is this clock design

Yummm, a blood orange cardamom cake (I’ve been addicted to cardamom ever since I visited Sweden)

This week I found out that a dear friend is expecting a baby, so I’ll be making this bunting very soon. Exciting!

A very classy book club

Newly released photos of the Queen (and a very cute Prince Charles) from 1952

Adorable forest dyed mittens

Tips to help you wake up & get out of bed fast (do you have any?)

I just bought this bag

The winners of the world press 2012 photo competition

Read about Jamie Cullem’s perfect weekend

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