Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Snaps.

Maybe Tuesday is a little late to be talking about the weekend, but how was yours? Here are a few fuzzy phone snaps which captured just a small part of my wonderful weekend. Including a huge vegetarian brunch, a cow/farmer spotting in Dublin's Temple Bar (the last place you'd expect to see this), and a few delicious Saturday night gin and tonics. In between these photos I also went to see The Descendants at the cinema. I cried like a baby but loved it (celebrity spotted Shane MacGowan of The Pogues watching the same movie too). On Saturday night I watched an Irish film at a friend's - Into the West - it's absolutely brilliant. It reminds me of The Never Ending Story, and its lead character is the sweetest little boy. A must see. Sunday was a bit of a washout, it didn't stop raining for even two minutes, but I took the chance to start a new book (I'll tell you all about it soon) and have a sofa day. Sometimes you just have to use the rain as an excuse...

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