Monday, January 16, 2012

Magazine Readers

Are you a magazine reader? These days it looks like the definition of what a magazine is could be changing. A magazine doesn't have to be something glossy that you hold in your hands and flick through anymore. Online mags like RueKinfolk and Cellardoor (three of my favourites) are beautifully designed, and one of the most special things about them is that they seem to create a sense of community. You can get lost in their pages, drink in their evocative images, and emerge creatively refreshed. There seems to be something genuine about this new wave of magazine, a real honesty captured in each page. Do you read magazines? If you're a guilty fan of cheap glossies you should read this hilarious article by Lucy Sweet, who admits that she's addicted to 'crap mags'. As she puts it: 'I smell of glossy paper, I'm a hopeless case'. I'd love to hear any of your magazine recommendations.

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