Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mad Men

A while ago I met Mad Men (yes, a little behind the times here) and was quickly hooked. At first it was purely a superficial relationship. I watched it because I liked the outfits....there, I said it. The show does have an eye-catching aesthetic, but I also love the writing, the suspense, the bombshells and the way it interacts with sixties culture, particularly the literature. Just to prove that there's more to Mad Men than the clothes, a few academics unpicked the "philosophy" of the show in this book. It raises questions about the representations of women, race, and male friendship in the series, and moves on to think about ethics and existentialism. Some of the most interesting questions that made me think were: is Don Draper a good man? and are people better now than they were in the sixties?

Here's hoping that Season Five arrives soon, apparently Jon Hamm has directed the first episode. Just in case you need a little something in the meantime here are some funny links....

Have you tried to Mad Men yourself?

Homer Simpson vs. Don Draper opening credits

A Mad Men cookbook! For perfect Deviled Eggs and Pineapple Upside Down Cake

How to drink like Mad Men

And... every cigarette smoked in Mad Men. That's a lot!

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